Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo
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Last weekend my wife, Marina, and I decided to show our son, Maxim, the Taronga Zoo located in Mosman, Sydney. We beleived it was the right time for our little son to see these amazing animals in life as he started to recognise them on pictures in his books and even say some names of the animals, such as cat, dog, cow and some others. And we were happy to see that he really enjoyed being in the Zoo and looking at funny creatures around, which looked like the pictures in his book but were moving, eating and playing... which was even more exciting!

The city vew

The Taronga Zoo is really big and takes lots of time and walking. Thus, if you plan to go there, take all your day and some food with you. Of course the Zoo offers a not bad food court where you can find some simple food such as pasta, pizza, noodles, burgers and soft drinks. But your own home made sandwiches can be much faster, cheaper and tastier... Well.. We didn't prepare any and had to go to the food court for lunch. But as it turned out later it was for good. The cafe saved us from heavy rain and terribly loud thunder... We were lucky to start our lunch under the roof when the rain started.

But the best luck for us was good weather in the first half of the day. This was the time we spent in the Zoo. And one of the most exciting attractions for all of us was the seal show. We've never seen anything like this before. It was so nice and funny to see the jumping into the water seal and perfoming all the commands.. it all looked like it could understand human language and performed everything it was said to. Maxim loved it. He screamed "Up! Up!" when saw the seal jumping in the water. His smile and excitement in his eyes made us happy parents. Looks like it wasn't a bad idea to take him there.

Seal Show Seal Show

Another thing was the feeding of gorillas. They are such big and strong animals. We were told by the gorillars keeper lots of interesting information about their life and habbits.

Gorilla Gorillas Gorilla and Maxim

It was also very nice to show Maxim big elephants and giraffes. And for us it was so exciting to see these beautiful animals on the water and the City background. Amazing picture!

Elephant Elephant and Maxim Giraffe

Generally the day was very nice and full of impressions for Maxim which made him tired at the end so he fell asleep so quickly on our way back home. The Taronga Zoo is one of these places where you can have some family time apart from work and other problems, to have some fun and share the enjoyment of the nature with your loved ones.

Date: 17/04/2008


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You really had a very good time. Besides, it was a very exciting time for all of you, not only for Max. Thanks a lot for such an interesting story:-)))

Aussie Car Queen


Lovely pictures! I can't wait to go back to the zoo this summer when the weather gets even hotter! Oi Oi Oi!



Hi Vitaly, I see, Maximilian is developing well. And he gets his daddy out the office. ;-) Guess you had a lot of fun these days.



Great to see you discovering Sydney, looking forward to your next post



Very nice page only marred by spelling of 'witness'


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Taronga Zoo
Last weekend my wife, Marina, and I decided to show our son, Maxim, the Taronga Zoo located in Mosman, Sydney. We beleived it was the right time for our little son to see these ama...