Bodysurfing on Manly beach, Sydney.

Bodysurfing on Manly beach, Sydney.
Bodysurfing on Manly beach, Sydney.
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On Sunday a couple of weeks ago we decided to drive to Manly beach.

As I mentioned in my previous articles Manly beach is a lovely place to spend time, to walk across the sand, look at the ocean and listen to the waves.

Curl Curl Beach Curl Curl Beach Curl Curl Beach Sunset Curl Curl Beach Sunset

It is quite cold outside this time of the year in Sydney (the temperature is around 20 degrees above zero) but the water still is warm (around 21-22 degrees). Water is always 2 months behind the air temperature. Not so many Australian people swim this time of the year.

Curl Curl Beach

We walked a bit with Maxim near the water. Waves were big and rolled a long way before they broke .

I was looking for surfers. There are a lot of them during any season ;). It does not matter if it is cold or warm you always can find them on their boards. I guess some of them live there. And it looks like they just go out from water to drink or eat something. ;) .

Curl Curl Beach Curl Curl Beach

Manly beach is one of the most popular places in the Peninsula as you can use the Ferry to go there. It is a nice long beach with a lot of courts to play beach volleyball.

I like to swim in the ocean and cold weather is not a problem for me.

Believe me this day I got such a wonderful experience as I have never had before. No, not just because it was cold water ;) It was just because the waves were great. They were big and unbroken. I had tried bodysurfing a lot of times before but it was always 3-5 metre rides. This day I rode the waves without any board and rode them until my face scratched the sand. Look, no board, just my body! Every part of your body feels the speed and power of the waves. After the first ride I did not believe that it was possible. But I repeated that again and again until I felt that I had no energy left to swim out to the place where the waves are unbroken to ride them again.

Curl Curl Beach riding waves Curl Curl Beach riding waves Curl Curl Beach riding waves

These are some wonderful moments in my life which I will remember for a long time!

Date: 16/06/2007


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Aleh Pratasenia


Great article!



Cool story, mate!!!

Igor Klavsout


I like this article! You become a writer. May be some day I will read your book;)


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