Kayaking in Bondeena, Sydney

Kayaking in Bondeena, Sydney
Kayaking in Bondeena, Sydney
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Yes, again kayaking ;) but at this time not in Manly. And believe me it was absolutely different impressions. It was so exiting but let me start from the beginning.

Our friends invited us to ride kayaks in Bondeena.

Bondeena is a unique place. It is located inside the Royal National Park. (Soon I will write a couple of articles about this lovely south Sydney National Park).

To visit Royal National Park you have to pay $11 entrance fee. (After my visit to Bondeena I have a question if visitors and friends of the families who live there have to pay this $11 fee?). As for me I got annual NSW National Park pass for $65 and it’s saved me already a lot of money)

When we came to Bondeena I was a bit disappointed because I expected to see nice environment and a beautiful beach. But actually there was nothing that would impress me. I would say that there was nothing interesting at all.

So we got double kayaks and moved to the middle of the bay.

At the beginning it was a bit boring BUT then we recognized one really nice thing. It was a really nice place to paddle on waves. Look, there is an open view to ocean and ocean waves come to this bay. But the Bay itself is not very deep. We were around 500-600 meters from the coast and the water depth was only around a metre. As you can imagine it created quite nice waves which you can ride. It is so exciting when you catch a wave and surf on it ;)) You can have really great speed if you use oaks quite actively.

If you are not very experienced with keeping kayaks on the same direction as waves you have a really big chance to turn over ;) and this is exactly what happened with my wife and me. But it was funny and exciting (as I mentioned the water deep is just a meter). So we turned kayaks back and tried riding the waves again. ;)

Right, we turned over around 10 times but the water was much fun and it was such a pleasure to try to catch waves again and again and feel this ocean waves’ force.

Actually my wife doesn’t like extreme but even she was so much excited.

So as a result I got great impressions which I did not expect to get at the beginning ;))

Date: 18/04/2007


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...sometimes our yellow submarine forced us to come up... it was about 10 times ;))


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