Kayaking in Sydney (Manly)

Kayaking in Sydney (Manly)
Kayaking in Sydney (Manly)
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This was a beautiful sunny day, well, as almost all days of the year in Australia. I was thinking how to entertain my father who came to visit Australia for the first time. You know, what is good about people coming to visit you is that you go to such places and do such things that you would never do by yourself :) So, what came to my mind to show him about Australia is to try kayaking in Manly. I knew he had never tried kayaking before, as well as me, by the way :).

The kayak was used by the native Ainu, Aleut and Eskimo hunters in sub-arctic regions of northeastern Asia, North America and Greenland. Today kayaks come in a wide variety of designs and materials. Thus, we went to Manly - one of the most beautiful places in Sydney with amazing beaches to try it.

After a short walk we hired two "sit-on-top" kayaks in Manly and went across the water. That was so cool. It is like you are sitting in a small tiny boat in a huge blue ocean and can move wherever you want. We swam in a Harbour Bay close to the shore where we could see lots of beautiful and expensive boats. Being very mobile we could swim between them and see them in details. Kayaks are wonderful! It is good exercises and possibility to see things from a different point… not the same as from the shore. We really got that passion shared by so many Australians.

That was not a surprise for me to know that there is kayak fishing, which in recent years, has become a sport in and of itself in Australia.

On our way back I felt really tired but in order to get home I had to paddle, paddle, paddle… no wonder that so many people are taking to the world of kayaking since it is such a magnificent sport!

kayaking in Manly Sydney

Date: 23/03/2007


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