The Queen Mary 2 and The Queen Elizabeth 2 in Sydney Harbour

The Queen Mary 2 and The Queen Elizabeth 2 in Sydney Harbour
The Queen Mary 2 and The Queen Elizabeth 2 in Sydney Harbour
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Today 20th of February 2007 small historical event occurred in Sydney, Australia. Two sisters the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth 2 entered the Sydney Harbour at the same time.

The Queen Mary 2 is the biggest ship ever to visit Australia. 151,400-ton ship met her sister The Queen Elizabeth 2 around 7:10 pm in Sydney Harbour.

The Queen Mary 2 is so huge that it can’t sail under the harbour bridge and also two long to stay at Circular Quay wharf. It was docked at the Sydney Garden Island naval base near the Sydney Opera House and Fort Denison.

It is the first time after the Second World War when these two great ocean liners meet each other in Sydney. During the Second World War the original Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth visited Sydney with troops onboard.

My parents planned to make some photos today at 5:30 am when the Queen Mary 2 is sailed to Sydney Harbour near the Manly. But the place where it was possible to do was overloaded by people. While they found a place to park the giant ship disappeared behind the hill.

So I had to drive home a bit earlier from work, pick up my wife and drive to Manly. There we caught a ferry and here we are! Ferry is great public transport as you remember from my previous article about Manly, where I have described how nice this transport is ;) But today it was not so nice. There was a huge line of people in front of the wharf entrance. As a result we spent 40 minutes in the queue.

On the way to Circular Quay we finally had a chance to see the Queen Mary II on the left side. In 500 meters the Queen Elisabeth II was docked between Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

On the way back we got another ferry at the same time as firework was started ;) As you guess it took again 40 minutes in a queue and because Sydney Harbour was full of small yachts and boats that ferry had to stop opposite to Fort Denison. Yes firework was directly in front of us. It was so a great location.

I can’t explain my impressions with this 23 storey ocean colossus. It looks great!

The Queen Mary 2 is the tallest, longest and widest cruise ship and is the fastest ocean liner. It is pity that it was a bit dark and not all photos are as good as I would like to have. (Also keep in mind that they was done onboard and on the waves)

Just a bit about prices: The 80 days trip around the world on such cruise ship costs between 25 000 and 250 000 AUD per person. ;))

Also as I promised I did some photos of Manly. ;)

The Queen Elizabeth 2 from Manly Bay The Queen Elizabeth 2 Fort Denison Sydney Harbour boats Sydney Harbour boats Queen Elizabeth 2 Towboats

Date: 20/02/2007


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two queens at the same time..... I call it sweedish family ))))



Sweedish family - is a myph made by americans in the 60-es.. Swedes are proud of strong family traditions.. nothing to do with all that perversions..



haha big gay


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