Manly, Sydney Australia

Manly, Sydney Australia
Manly, Sydney Australia
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Today I would like to talk about Manly. It is the first place where I stayed for 8 months after I had arrived to Australia.

A bit from history: As I mentioned in my previous Article about Botany Bay

Captain Arthur Phillip decided to go to north from Botany Bay and discovered Sydney Harbour. Manly was named by him. It happened between 21st and 23rd January, 1788. During a long time Manly was isolated. But around 1880 it became a very popular seaside resort.

At the moment Manly is a very popular place for tourists with huge infrastructure.

If you come to Sydney you certainly need to catch a Ferry from Sydney CDB (Circular Quay) and go to Manly. You will have an exciting trip which will be started from Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house and will go thought Harbour bay to Manly. It is 30 minutes which you can spend on the board of Ferry with a great view to both sides of Harbour bay. Don't forget to get your camera and make some great photos of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and nice views of Manly from water.

After 30 minutes of relaxing and looking around you will arrive to Manly wharf. On the left side of wharf there is Manly Ocean World where you can dive and swim with a shark and even make some photos for your friends ;) On the right side you can hire kayaks or a boat and spend a couple of hours riding between beautiful boats and yachts.

The main street of Manly is short. It starts from Manly Wharf and ends with the ocean - Manly beach (I believe the street is only about 300 meters long). For sure there are a lot of small shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes on this street where you will always find something to eat.

After I stayed there for 8 months I can say that it is a lovely place to rest and live.

During this time I have used ferry every day to go to Sydney CDB and it is the best transport I have seen in my life. These everyday journeys were never boring for me and always gave me so many positive emotions.

One of the minuses of living in Manly is a bit of noise during summer time because of a lot of tourists.

I love Manly!

Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge

Date: 15/02/2007


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Very interesting!!! Thank you.



Hi, Vitaly! Happy 2 see you alive! Nice blog - but where's the photos of downunder? We are want it now. Old friends from Moscow!



I have posted some photos of Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge. did not find any photos of Manly in my photo folder ;(. I will make some of them during my next trip to Manly and publish.

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