Botany Bay, Sydney

Botany Bay, Sydney
Botany Bay, Sydney
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I just read in news that a large shark swam into Botany Bay in Sydney.

I know this place quite good because we usually sail in Botany Bay with our friends. I will put some photos.

Do you know that this place was the one where James Cook arrived on the board of the barque Endeavour and had his first contact with Aboriginal people of Australia. It happened in 1770.

Captain Arthur Phillip led the First Fleet into the bay on 18 January 1788.

This bay is a nice place for harbor but not for settlement (no watter, poor soil, poor anchorages, shallow shores ) and it is why Arthur Phillip decided to go to north from Botany Bay and discovered Sydney Harbour with natural and settlement friendly environment

Today Sydney's airport is located in Botany bay and when you sail you can see the runway jumping out into the bay and a lot of air plains which take off every 5 minutes and fly directly above you. Looks great.

Botany Bay is also a National Park of NSW, Australia with unique combination of natural inheritance and rich marine environments

Botany Bay, Sydney Botany Bay

Date: 09/02/2007


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Downunder Naidion » Manly, Sydney Australia


[...] A bit from history: As I mentioned in my previous Article about Botany Bay [...]



Good photos and a nice boat. Botany Bay is excellent for the sailnig unless you are not afraid of landing airplanes


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