Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
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A couple of months ago my father came to Sydney, Australia to spend 1 month with my family and me. As everybody knows usually there is no time to go somewhere during a weekly routine but as soon as you have a guest you want to show a lot and as a result start to travel more often than usual.

I decided to post some articles about places we have visited during the time when my father was here in Sydney. Check for updates later ;)

The one of this lovely places is the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

A bit from the history: This Aquatic centre was opened in 1994 and was the venue for the swimming, diving for the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney.

This world class centre has everything to spend a day and to have great impressions for a long time. And for sure it is exactly what we did.

The day of swimming, waterslides ride, sitting in spa, steam room, sauna and even children's leisure pools and playground with a rapid river ride, spurting volcanoes and funny bubbling beach fountains. The playground is a favorite place for our youngest froemd - 6 months old Jasmine Zaitsev.

There is nice environment inside this huge center with different live trees and plants.

I have never tried Waterslides before ;) got so many great impressions :)

For sure my father said that he saw centres like that only on TV.

If you come to Sydney that I am sure it has a sence to visit it to relax.

I hope that soon some aquatic centres of the same level will be built in Belarus as well.


Date: 07/02/2007


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