Kuringgai lookout to Palm Beach, Sydney

Kuringgai lookout to Palm Beach, Sydney
Kuringgai lookout to Palm Beach, Sydney
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Last week Michael Chujko the friend of my friend Alexey came to Sydney from Minsk to join a conference about standardization. And on Friday we had a quick travel to Palm Beach.

In my opinion it is the most beautiful lookout around Sydney. That is why I decided to show it to him notwithstanding that we had to drive about 60km from his hotel in Botany Bay to spend just 15 minutes on this nice Kuringgai lookout. This lookout is located opposite Palm Beach side of a bay in Kuringgai National Park.

I believe I was just the last one from my family here who did not see a kangaroo in wild nature. But during this travel finally I was lucky to see it. Waiting for your congratulations ;). It sat on the road and looked at us. We stopped but before we found a camera it had gone away. ;)

My Family and I visit Kuringgai national park from time to time and I am sure I will add more pictures and stories about it in the future.

After Kuringgai National Park we had 2.5 hours drive trip across the Sydney Northern beaches with some stops and walks to lookout to see the really great veiws of deep blue water, ocean and rocks.

Palm Beach View Photo 1:

Palm Beach View Photo 2:

Palm Beach

Date: 05/02/2007


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Leonid Ryzhik


all photo here have the horison crashing. please, use the photoshop unless you can shoot the right horison :-)



Leonid, I agree but I am not so good in photo as you think ;) I always just use my Canon in auto mode. If you have time and will explain me how to do that It would be great! I will be really happy to fix. I just resized this Palm Beach pictures in Photoshop. I really have no time to start learning this stuff from scratch and find out how to do its nicer at the moment. Hope I will improve the quality of the pictures so everybody can get better impressions about Australia (Downunder) and about Palm Beach and Kuringgai National Park. It is lovely place.


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