Snow in ACT, Australia

Snow in ACT, Australia
Snow in ACT, Australia
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I think many people believe that Australia is a warm and green continent, a land of kangaroos and beautiful sunny beaches. Some of my friends who live in Europe and have never been in Australia think that kangaroos are everywhere here, even in the city itself :)) But have you ever thought of a kangaroo in snow in Australia. Just like this...

All this is partly true. Australia is really a warm and sometimes pretty hot country. I've lived in Sydney for almost two years and I enjoy local climate. I lived in Eastern Europe before where it is pretty cold and windy in Spring and Autumn and very very cold and even freezing in Winter. That is why I love Australian weather a lot. But sometimes there are moments when I miss that sparkling snow and beautiful winter snowy nights. I knew that it is possible to go to some parts of Australia like Kosciuszko National Park, ACT, Australia where I could see snow on the top of the mountains. There people also go skiing in winter. But this is not so popular here and can hardly be compared with ski vacation in Europe. But all this is at least something that people know about and familiar with.

What happened on the 14th of June in Queanbeyan close to Canberra (it is 3-4 hours driving far from Sydney) was quite a surprise for all of us.

All this place was snowed in. There were houses with 6 inches of snow in their yards; roads were closed due to heavy snowfalls. There also was the day off school, as the school busses weren’t running with the snow. I'm pretty sure local people were not really prepared for such a day as it caused lots of traffic and a bit of chaos in the town.

Snow Canberra Australia Snow Canberra Australia Snow Canberra Australia Snow Canberra Australia

Yeah.. winter has definitely arrived in these places... brrrrr!

Date: 26/06/2007


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Yes, I can confirm your words. We were in Canberra this weekend. When we woke up and looked out of the window we saw thin crust of ice over snow covered the grass near the hotel. The temperature was below zero during the night.

Chester Cool

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I agree, most comments I have read have stated that Australia is a warm country. But I guess they haven't been on the regions where there are snow. It's happy to stay in a place where you can feel the warm unnaturally and not from the sun but through the burning woods on the fireplace.


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